Short answer: With the new Affordable Certification start-up,  getting a medical marijuana card in Arizona is now easy as pie. Register on the website and follow the instructions described in this article.

In light of the current coronavirus crisis and expansion for telemedicine services for all Arizonans, is now offering, as a brand new service, completely online certification for a state medical marijuana card. No more do Arizona residents have to go to the doctor’s office for an in-person examination in order to get a state medical marijuana card. Now, you can simply stay safely at home and have your required doctor’s visit over your computer or, even, your cell phone.

Steps to Getting Your Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Online

To get your Arizona medical marijuana card completely online from the comfort and safety of your home, just follow these easy 3 steps:

Step 1 – Sign up here at Just provide your basic information, take a photo of yourself for your ID, upload a photo of your valid state-issued ID (driver’s license or state ID card,) answer a few medical questions and submit with your electronic signature.

Step 2 – Meet with a doctor via videoconference. The doctor you meet with is guaranteed to be licensed to practice medicine in Arizona and certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Arizona. The doctor will ask some questions about your qualifying condition and medical marijuana use and answer any questions you may have about using medical marijuana for your condition.

Step 3 – After approval please pay the doctors fee and receive your certification form .

Step 4 – Create an account with AZDHS and provide information from your certification.

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Hours & Costs

We are seeing patients Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm You can schedule an appointment if you reached us outside of the business hours business hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, local time. Letting help you get your Arizona medical marijuana certification online costs $99 plus the Arizona state fee for medical marijuana patients of $150 per year.

Discounted Rate for SNAP Benefits Holders

The state does offer a discounted rate, however, of $75, or 50% off, for residents who participate in the Arizona SNAP (or food stamps) program. You must be able to present a statement of receiving SNAP food stamps or an approval letter for SNAP benefits in order to receive this discount from the state. An EBT card may not be sufficient proof to satisfy the requirements. has no control over whether the state approves a patient for this discount.

Now, when you have a complete understanding of how to get a medical card through our Affordable Certification service, it’s time to take action. Register to get all the information you need about medical marijuana as soon as possible, as well as detailed feedback on whether your health state can be regarded as a qualifying condition for obtaining a weed card. In case of a positive answer, our doctor will help you go through the procedure for obtaining a medical card in Arizona – step-by-step, quickly, and remotely.