Cannabis Care Locations in Arizona

Get Your MMJ Card in Arizona 100% Online:

  • You receive a card in the State of Arizona from a doctor licensed to practice in the state.
  • Your card saying that you have a qualifying condition for which marijuana provides symptom relief(not disclosing the condition of course)
  • Online card is the same medical card that you would receive through an in-person doctor’s visit.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Set up an account with Affordable Сertification. Enter the necessary personal and medical information.
  2. Video chat with the doctor and ask as many questions as you would like. Proceed to the waiting room. Doctor is usually available within 15-20 minutes depending on the volume of patients.
  3. Receive you PDF document instantly.

Benefits of Getting Medical Card ONLINE in Arizona with Affordable Certification

If marijuana provides you benefits for any qualifying health concern, there are many reasons why it pays to get a medical marijuana card. For starters, a card allows you to legally possess and use marijuana anywhere in the state. It also allows you to easily purchase the marijuana you need from any Arizona medical marijuana dispensary.

What’s more, by having a medical marijuana card in Arizona, you can also designate up to two caregivers who can also legally purchase and possess marijuana on your behalf.

Our service saves patients time on travel, traffic, and unpleasant waiting rooms. Additionally, our patients don’t have to sacrifice a quality doctor’s appointment to enjoy these benefits! You can conduct your cannabis evaluation by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or any other video-enabled device.

Regular patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $150

EBT discounted patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $75
  • Must provide one of the following:
  • SNAP approval letter
  • EBT card (only if your card has your name printed in front)