Express same day processing can be requested during a video call. Business hours 11am-5pm.

What do I need to be able
to complete this process in Arizona?

Part 1

Part 2


Device with a camera such as Iphone, Android, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop

Email, Cell phone number

AZ State ID or Driver's license

Optional SNAP approval letter or EBT card (for reduced state fee)

Videochat with mmj doctor

Payment of $99

Sign up for an account with Arizona Department of Health Services

Pay the state fee $150 or $75 if you are on SNAP (EBT)

* if you had a card previously restore the password
* optional $20 fee for assistance with ADHS application

Get MMJ state card in Arizona completely ONLINE in 3 steps

Create an Account with us

  •  First you need a device with a camera
  •  Use your cell phone number as username and create a password
  •  Follow step by step process that includes:
  •       Providing your information
  •       Taking pictures of yourself, your ID,
  •       Signing patient intake form and Telemedicine consent.


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Video chat with the doctor

  •  Proceed to the waiting room or schedule an appointment for a future e visit
  •  Doctor is usually available within 15-20 minutes depending on the volume of patients
  •  Doctor will connect with you or call you back if there is an issue with the video


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Register with the state

  •  After the doctor approves you and your payment is made you will be able to download your physician certification form on the next business day by noon.
  •  You will need to go on the states website: where you will create an account if you do not have one with them already.
  •  Fill out the “New Patient Application” or “Renewal Application” if you are renewing. The application will ask you for the physician’s information which can all be found on the Physician Certification that is available for download from your secure account in our
  •  After you fill out the ADHS application and pay the state fee your card will be processed by Arizona Department of Health Services. They have been very efficient and the card is beign issued as fast as 30 minutes sometimes.
  •  We also offer assistance with individual state portal for $20 extra.


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New and Renewal Patients are Welcome

100% Money Back Guarantee If You Didn't Get Approved

Regular patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $150
  • $20Optional assistance with ADHS application

EBT discounted patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $75
  • Must provide one of the following:
  • SNAP approval letter
  • EBT card (only if your card has your name printed in front)
  • $20Optional assistance with ADHS application

Physical cards are back!

As you may know Department of Health has switched to digital cards only however many people still prefer to have it printed.

We can print yours for $20

Email us a copy of your digital card

Meet our medical marijuana certifying doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legitimate?

Getting your medical marijuana card online with Affordable Certification is 100% legitimate. All that’s required for you to receive a card in the State of Arizona is a medical record qualifying condition for which marijuana provides symptom relief. Medical records can be uploaded to your account or faxed 855 335 1467 or emailed The doctor will fill out certification form upon approval and we will assist you further with your ADHS application.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in AZ Online?

Once you start the process of obtaining a digital medical marijuana card in Arizona through, you could have your card in your possession in a matter of 1-2 days or a few weeks in some cases(when something is missing such as AZ ID or EBT award letter. Once you have your card, it is good for two years from the date it was issued, at which time you will need to get a new doctor’s letter and renew your card.

Legal Protections With an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

As of the 2020 passage of recreational marijuana in Arizona, legal protections and restrictions regarding marijuana purchase, possession and use have changed, and differ depending on whether you’re a recreational user or medical patient. In 2022, it’s important to understand the differences between the legal protections for medical marijuana patients versus the legal restrictions for recreational marijuana users.


With an Arizona medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase up to 2 ½ ounces of medical marijuana within any two-week period, up to 12 ½ grams of which can be in the form of cannabis concentrate. The Arizona authorities consider purchasing any more than this to be a petty offense. This amount is greater than the limits on recreational marijuana purchases.


Medical marijuana purchases are exempt from the state excise tax of 16 percent applied to all recreational marijuana purchases.


Reciprocity is the recognition of one state’s medical marijuana card in another state with legal medical marijuana and similar qualifications for a state medical marijuana card. Arizona has reciprocity with other applicable medical marijuana states, meaning patients holding an Arizona medical marijuana card can purchase medical marijuana in other medical marijuana states and receive the same legal protections of medical marijuana patients in those states. Recreational marijuana users do not have the same reciprocity or receive such legal protections.


Medical marijuana patients are legally protected from unequal treatment in the workplace due to their status as medical marijuana patients, provided their medical marijuana use doesn’t impair or interfere with their ability to perform their duties.

By having an Arizona medical marijuana card, you are free from arrest or prosecution for purchasing, possessing or using medical marijuana in Arizona, as long as you are abiding by Arizona medical marijuana laws and not breaking any other laws at the same time. If you are ever stopped by an officer of the law for a marijuana-related offense or you are search by an officer who finds marijuana on your person, just let the officer know you have your Arizona medical marijuana card in the registry and, if there are no other extenuating circumstances, you should be free to go. Also keeping your medical card will give access to higher grade medication as opposed to recreational cannabis.

What Products Are Available in Arizona Dispensaries?

At most Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries, you’ll find a variety of forms and types of medical marijuana. Different forms include flowers (or buds,) edibles, topicals like creams and ointments, and orally-administered forms like tinctures. All forms of medical marijuana can come in three varieties: sativa, indica or a blend of the two. Sativa marijuana tends to be more stimulating and is generally used for mental and emotional symptoms, such as those caused by anxiety, depression or PTSD. Indica marijuana tends to be more relaxing and is generally used for physical symptoms, such as pain, nausea, insomnia and appetite loss. To find out which types and forms of medical marijuana are right for you, ask your doctor. Medical marijuana dispensary agents are also quite knowledgeable about their products and common effects, though they are not doctors themselves and cannot advise you about your medical condition. Medical patients have access to higher grade medication and avoid recreational fees.

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