Flagstaff, Arizona is a city sitting at a 6,990-foot altitude near the Grand Canyon and northern Arizona San Francisco Peaks mountain range. With a population of more than 52,000 residents, Flagstaff is home to numerous cultural attractions, including the Lowell Observatory, the Northern Arizona Museum, the Flagstaff Arboretum, Riordan Mansion State Historic Park and the Arizona Historical Society-Pioneer Museum.

Like the rest of Arizona state, the city of Flagstaff legalized medical marijuana in 2010. Learn below how to get a medical marijuana card in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas that authorizes you to purchase, possess and use medical marijuana legally throughout all of Arizona.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Flagstaff Online

If you need help getting a medical marijuana card in Flagstaff without a doctor of your own and without even having to leave your home, Affordable Certification is the only service you need.

With Affordable Certification, getting your medical marijuana card is an easy two-step process:

  1. Doctor’s Letter – Sign up for a free account at AffordableCertification.com. Then answer a few basic questions (contact info and medical history,) provide some basic documentation (photo and Arizona ID) and pay the Affordable Certification fee. After this, you will get to meet with a doctor via telemedicine to discuss your medical marijuana needs. After receiving the doctor’s approval, you will get a letter from the doctor in your email that you can, then, use to complete the next step of getting your medical card.
  2. Medical card – You can either have Affordable Certification prepare your Arizona medical marijuana card application for you or prepare it yourself. Whichever you choose, once your application is complete, you can submit it to the Arizona Department of Health medical marijuana program online along with your $150 fee for a two-card card (or $75 if you’re on the Arizona SNAP food stamps program.)

Once you complete these steps and your application is approved (generally within two weeks,) you will get your digital Arizona medical marijuana card in your email.

Legal Rights and Restrictions of an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card


With your digital Arizona medical marijuana card in hand, you can visit any Arizona dispensary to purchase up to 2 1/2 ounces of usable marijuana over any 14-day period.

This is the maximum amount of medical marijuana you are legally allowed to carry at any one time in Arizona without potential civil or criminal penalty.


Your Arizona medical marijuana card does not allow you to operate a motor vehicle while using medical marijuana or under its influence.


As a legal medical marijuana user in Arizona, you can also name up to two caregivers to purchase and possess medical marijuana legally for you. These caregivers must also pay a fee to the Arizona Department of Health for a caregiver card.

How to Select the Best Medical Marijuana for You

If you’re not familiar with using marijuana, the array of choices you’ll find at an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary can be overwhelming. First and foremost, remember that the staff at these dispensaries are knowledgeable and informed about all their products and eager to help you make the best decisions for you.

Different marijuana produces different effects but, more importantly, different marijuana affects people differently. This means a small amount of trial-and-error may be unavoidable in identifying the medical marijuana that works best for you. Generally, marijuana can be divided in strains, the most common being sativa, indica and CBD.

For most people:

  • Sativa produces a more cerebral effect.
  • Indica produces a more physical effect.
  • CBD provides therapeutic benefits of both sativa and indica without the psychoactive “high” associated with the other two strains.

Within those strains, medical marijuana may come in various forms besides as dried flowers to be inhaled through combustion or vaporization. You can also find medical marijuana tinctures, elixirs, edibles and topicals, among other forms. Find the method that works best for you and your lifestyle, noting that some methods have stronger initial effects but last for a shorter time (like tinctures) while others take longer to take effect but last for much longer a time (like edibles.)

Regular patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $150

EBT discounted patients

$99 certification cost
good for 2 years

  • State fee (to be paid directly to ADHS) $75
  • Must provide one of the following:
  • SNAP approval letter
  • EBT card (only if your card has your name printed in front)